Paul Mémoir is a fashion brand born in 2015. The idea is simple: connecting quality and tradition to an iconic and contemporary product.
Collection designer Paolo Fantuzzi has a multidisciplinary approach: he combines art and design, seizing trend and making it his own by observing and reinventing it.

Paul Mémoir uses primary colors, revised and textured icons, patterns and shapes combinations, together with a creativity touch that exploits only high-quality material. These characteristics represent every collection trademark: everything has an iconic taste.

Paul Mèmoir creations come from the past and they are linked to a contemporary look to create iconic and timeless elements.

In 2016, Paul Mémoir presents his first collection at Pitti Uomo, catching the most important buyers attention and gaining a place in the best boutiques as Luisa Via Roma, Lidia Shopping, Bonvicini, in addition to international shops as B2’nd and Isetan in Japan.

The brand production is located in hand-crafted factories in the North of Italy and his key strength is creativity and passion: refresh your icon is the motto.
But let’s Paul Mèmoir create now!