Paolo Fantuzzi was born in Reggio Emilia in 1986.

As a very reserved and quite person, with a deep and mindful soul, he works for years in a city centre boutique, where he has the chance to study new trends and dream of a personal space where to introduce his own creations.

Since he was a child, he inherits the passion for knitwear from his mother, specialized in embroidery. Every evening, he watches her knitting and he learns the importance of calm and reflection that this work requires.

His ideas come from observation and past time knowledge, from volumes and geometrical patterns, Paul has passion for shape, which could be expressed in a work of design or in a contemporary painting, he creates his collection to give birth to a new and iconic project.


His creations are equally related to the world of icons of the past, the allure of the 70s provides the designer a box full of inspiration which is the basis of the collections: each collection presents a series of refreshed into a Paul Memoir’s esthetic.

Fancies and geometrical patterns lover, knitwear passionate, he creates a new and unique trade-mark: Paul Mémoir.

His creations, inspired by iconic world, together with Seventies allure represent collection ground.

His style means feeling at ease with your own imperfections: making your-self a “well-dressed work of art”.